the company

Etilabel, based at 25 Km from OPORTO, Portugal, has as objective to work the closest possible to its customers; we believe that all customers have specific needs and in this context each one must be treated in a personalized way.


The development of new products and the constant investment in new segments of the sector are a priority for us.


Etilabel has recently incorporated a new shareholder, a Group that makes possible Etilabel be present in a wide range of markets, with local production and quality control in several countries (15) , ensuring in a Global way the same type of service, products, colors and service.


New investments will be made in Portugal that will increase production capacity in the most varied sectors including the possibility to produce locally in Portugal, within doors, woven labels, printed labels (Serigraphy, Flexography), Transfers, Rubber-Silicon-KPU,OffSet, Digital Printing with Variable Data, RFID, Holographic and Security Materials highly specified that allows each brand be distinct from all others in terms of avoiding any possibility, or attempt, to a counterfeit copy.


Please find attached some files for your information and bellow respective companies web pages that make part of our Group:



All the efforts at our reach will be made in the sense of being worthy of your trust.