Total traceability: its EPC code identifies a unit amongst millions (size, model, color and production unit).

advantages of RFID


  • Item unitary passport
  • Major speed in good shipments from garment factory to Warehouse and from Warehouse to Shop
  • Higher speed from item reception to storage
  • Reduction/elimination mistakes in shipments from warehouse from Faconier to Warehouse and from warehouse to shop
  • Greatest speed of reception in shops
  • Capability to make periodic inventories in shops without the need of investing in hand labor
  • Automatic Pass control from Store to Shop
  • Anticounterfeit
  • Antithief control
  • Miscount control
  • More aromatized management
  • Real ontime motion control of garments

how is it better than the barcode?

  • In RFID is not to visualize directly in order to idenfity the items: the radio waves pass through the materials and the items can be read in the including the interior of the pallet.
  • Traceability: its code EPC allows identification of one unit of product among millions (size, model, color and production unit)
  • Reading velocity can reach until 1000 tags per second
  • Greater capacity of information storage
  • Human intervention is not necessary for the process of identification.
  • Rewritable-recodable. Labels can be recoded up to 100,000 times
  • Anti-theft function
  • Difficult to falsify
  • Greater resistance to enviroment exposure, humidity and temperature
  • Can potencially create a cost reduction of 10% because of efficiency improvements in real time management

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